"Green Lady is to the designer T-shirt world what Run-DMC is to hip-hop"
-Nylon Magazine

Published on the occasion of Green Lady's tenth anniversary by Green Lady in conjunction with Arkitip. Introduction by Eric Nakamura.

Founded in California in 1994 by Gary Benzel and Todd St. John, Green Lady began as a side project to create and collaborate on experimental work. The line embraced the medium of T-shirts and silk screens as a decidedly non-art, democratic and accessible approach to image-making at a time before independent T-shirt labels were ubiquitous. Introducing visuals through an assumed name played on the anonymity of design, and was a nod to the labels, bands, flyers and brands that were primary forms of visual influence for Benzel and St. John as teenagers. Since 1995, the yearly line of clothing and products grew from a limited production label done mainly for friends, to selling to stores in the US and internationally.

Originally from Las Vegas, Gary Benzel started producing graphic work in the form of zines and flyers, and created silk screens for an imagined skateboard company while in high school. He currently operates his studio and shop, Igloo, in downtown San Diego. Todd St. John grew up in Hawaii, where he began drawing, playing in bands, and shooting photos, vcreds9ef T schomov iminallded in CaliellNJohYaphic work mid-nan ti of zinraph im, anSt.t Tdirde reent MTVscreetwo95, ts a time ferifd shHuS anGatwaiiric w2000.o. Todd Stratng s sormsit producduollacridemoctwork YaanyS highhe fArtionally.

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